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selected work:

The door with the fresh coat of turquoise paint and brass hinges (River Teeth, forthcoming) | nonfiction

Only Howler Monkeys Know How Loudly We Bleed (Wigleaf, forthcoming) | fiction

We fought ants for mangoes along the jagged coastline (Gone Lawn, June 2020) | prose poetry

Smoking in the City (Ghost Parachute, June 2020) | fiction

Hannah and Her Husband Used to be Happy (X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, May 2020) | fiction

The Levitation (The Forge, May 2020) | fiction

The Car Tag Kids (Hobart, May 2020) | fiction

Decluttering (Barren Magazine, January 2020) | nonfiction

Spreading My Husband Made of Ash (Cease Cows, January 2020) | fiction

The Prominence of Her Bones (MoonPark Review, September 2019) | fiction

Circles (Maudlin House, August 2019) | fiction

When There’s Nothing Left to Burn (Bending Genres, August 2019) | fiction

The Bifurcation of R (Little Fiction | Big Truths, August 2019) | nonfiction

Bird Wings (Pithead Chapel, July 2019) | fiction

Blue (Drunk Monkeys, June 2019) | fiction

Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration (Bull Magazine, April 2019) | fiction

Breast Roulette in Utero (Okay Donkey, January 2019) | fiction

Anna Gets Her Numbers Read at a Swim-Up Bar in Mexico (Little Fictions | Big Truths, November 2018) | fiction

This is All We Need (Atticus Review, September 2018) | nonfiction

The Menstrual Cycle of a Grieving Woman (Cleaver Magazine, September 2018) | fiction

The Shush of Blood Rushing Through Her Body (Jellyfish Review, September 2018) | fiction

Dive-Bombing Tourists ((mac)ro(mic), August 2018) | nonfiction

In the Night (former cactus, July 2018) | fiction

Pretty Things (Bending Genres, June 2018) | fiction

If the World Ends (Longleaf Review, April 2018) | fiction

Night Call (Cotton Xenomorph, March 2018) | fiction

Nualla to the Nth Degree (Lost Balloon, January 2018) | fiction

Us Girls and Our Boys (Synaesthesia Magazine, November 2017) | fiction

The Cartographer (Jellyfish Review, October 2017) | fiction

Matchsticks (Necessary Fiction, May 2017) | fiction

No More Pescatarianism (CHEAP POP, May 2017) | fiction

Flowers in the Road (Syntax & Salt, March 2017) | fiction

My Sister’s Aquarium (Cease, Cows, October 2016) | fiction

My Husband is Made of Ash (SmokeLong Quarterly, August 2016) | fiction

The Knives of Her Life (Flash Fiction Online, April 2016) | fiction

i am a haenyeo (Zetetic, September 2015)

The Falling Cinders of Anlong Pi (Bartleby Snopes, August 2015)

When I Leave You Behind (Maudlin House, August 2015)

The Alabaster Man (Cease Cows, July 2015)

The Fruit Salad Tree (freezeframe fiction, July 2015)