Recommended Reading

February 2018

Now That the Circus Has Shut Down, the Human Cannonball Looks for Work” by Meghan Phillips (Wigleaf)

Flight Helmet” by Katherine Gehan (CHEAP POP)

The Language of Depression” by Ryan W. Bradley (BULL Magazine)

This Love Will Destroy You” by Cathy Ulrich (OCCULUM)

Dear Liza, In What Shall We Carry the Stone?” by Tyler Barton (Hobart)

History” by Maia Jenkins (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Forty-Five Feet” by Joshua Jones (Split Lip)

Sleepwalker” by Anne-Marie Kinney (Joyland)

Balancing Beams” by Chloe N. Clark (Little Fiction)

The Light My Queer Heart Sees in Wounded, Broken Men” by Brandon Taylor (them.)


January 2018

Brighton Blue” by Melissa Goode (The Nottingham Review)

In the Way Back 1985-1995” by Beth Gilstrap (JMWW)

Touch Tank” by Jan Stichcomb (Lost Balloon)

Love Letter” by Kristin Bonilla (Hobart)

After the Fog Come the Hunters” by Jad Josey (Jellyfish Review)

Meteor” by Josh McColough (Split Lip)