stories published in 2019:

Breast Roulette in Utero (Okay Donkey, January 2019)

Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration (BULL, April 2019)

Blue (Drunk Monkeys, June 2019)

Broken Wings (Pithead Chapel, July 2019)

When There’s Nothing Left to Burn (Bending Genres, August 2019)

The Bifurcation of R (nonfiction) (Little Fiction | Big Truths, August 2019)


stories published in 2018:

The Reverse Metamorphosis of a Mourning Cloak (Riggwelter, January 2018)

Nualla to the Nth Degree (Lost Balloon, January 2018)

Night Call (Cotton Xenomorph, February 2018 (reprint))

Thirty-Eight Years Old (Crack the Spine, February 2018)

If the World Ends (Longleaf Review, April 2018)

One For You (Burnt Pine, June 2018)

Pretty Things (Bending Genres, June 2018; nominated for Best of the Net)

In the Night (former cactus, July 2018)

Dive-Bombing Tourists ((mac)ro(mic), August 2018)

The Shush of Blood Surfing Through Her Body (Jellyfish Review, September 2018)

The Menstrual Cycle of a Grieving Woman (Cleaver Magazine, September 2018; selected for Best Small Fictions 2019)

This is All We Need (nonfiction) (Atticus Review, September 2018)

Anna Gets Her Numbers Read at a Swim-Up Bar in Mexico (Little Fiction | Big Truths, November 2018)


stories published in 2017:

Clearing His Head (The Airgonaut, March 2017)

Flowers in the Road (Syntax & Salt, March 2017)

Crashing the Wave ((b)OINK, April 2017)

Matchsticks (Necessary Fiction, May 2017; Best Small Fictions semi-finalist)

No More Pescatarianism (CHEAP POP, May 2017; named to Wigleaf’s Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2018)

I Am Girl (OCCULUM, June 2017)

The Cartographer (Jellyfish Review, October 2017)

Us Girls and Our Boys (Synaesthesia Magazine, November 2017)

Shift (Ghost Parachute, December 2017)

The Weight of Grief (Hypertrophic Literary, December 2017; nominated for Best Small Fictions)


stories published in 2016:

Tethered (Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, February 2016)

9 Crimes (Pidgeonholes, March 2016)

The Knives of Her Life (Flash Fiction Online, April 2016)

The Boys in the Bluffs (Rose Red Review, April 2016)

Soup & Nail Polish (Drunk Monkeys, July 2016)

My Husband is Made of Ash (SmokeLong Quarterly, August 2016)

My Sister’s Aquarium (Cease, Cows, October 2016; nominated for Best of the Net)


stories published in 2015:

Things June Hid Behind (Word Riot, May 2015)

The Fruit Salad Tree (freeze frame fiction, July 2015)

The Alabaster Man (Cease, Cows, July 2015)

Cracked (Eunoia Review, July 2015)

When I Leave You Behind (Maudlin House, August 2015)

The Falling Cinders of Anlong Pi (Bartleby Snopes, August 2015; nominated for Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net)

i am a haenyeo (Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, September 2015)

They Don’t Wave (Pidgeonholes, September 2015)


Empties (Literary Orphans, October 2015)

The Swick of His Kiss (Synaesthesia Magazine, December 2015)


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